Arthur P. Davis

A California native, Art Davis received both his Bachelor’s (1967) and Master’s (1969) degrees in Public Administration from San Diego State University.  Commissioned through the Reserve Officers’ Training Program, he entered the Air Force, in 1968, as a second lieutenant.  After spending four years in the Strategic Air Command in Michigan, he was assigned to Da Nang, Vietnam.   After turning out the lights at Da Nang and serving a short stint in nearby Thailand, Art returned to California in 1973.  There he was first assigned to the NRO and served as Program Security Officer in the Office of Special Projects.

In 1978 Art moved to his next assignment in the Pentagon as Deputy Director for Security on the NRO Staff.  There his duties involved coordinating security policies and procedures for the three operational arms of the NRO, as well as for the rest of NRO activities worldwide.  There, over strong opposition, he initiated the process to out-source the security investigations of the NRO.  Doing so reduced the time it took to conduct the investigations ten-fold, vastly improved the quality of the investigations and saved millions of dollars for the government.

By 1984 Art was headed back to Los Angeles, this time as Director of Policy and Security in the Office of Special Projects.  His security responsibilities now included launch activities at Cape Canaveral and Vandenberg Air Force Bases, as well as numerous other activities and sites throughout the nation.

Many internal changes would complicate security’s role in the NRO.  Art anticipated these changes and met them head-on, consolidating security functions within Special Projects, while still providing customized, tailored security support to the various satellite program offices.

Art returned to Washington, D.C. in 1990, this time to create the newly authorized NRO Security Center.  Under Art’s leadership the Center merged three disparate cultures, CIA, Air Force and contractor, into a well-disciplined, enthusiastic, customer-oriented organization.

For five years, changing times demanded evolving physical, technical and information security, which the Center provided.  To help people anticipate the changes within the security environment, the Center also created the premier security training program within the Intelligence Community.  In 1995, the Security Center was disestablished and combined into the NRO Office of Security.  Art became the NRO’s Deputy Director of Security in April, 1995.  He retired from the Air Force in April, 1998.

Art joined Trident Data Systems in April, 1998, and was named President in August, 1998.

Trident was acquired by Veridian in September 1999. In September 2000, Trident was merged into Veridian Information Solutions (VIS) and Art was named the Executive Vice President of VIS and President of the Security Services Sector.  After Veridian’s acquisition by General Dynamics, in August, 2003, Art was named Director of the Security Solutions Business Group.

Art left General Dynamics in December, 2004, and joined LexisNexis Special Services Inc. (LNSSI) in February, 2005, as the Vice President for Screening Solutions.  In this position he was responsible to facilitate and integrate LNSSI technology and data into government and commercial organizations which required advanced capabilities to process personnel security related data for clearance or prescreening purposes.

In March, 2006, Art joined NANA Contracting Services (NCS), an operating sector of NANA Development Company as VP of Operations. In this position Art helped oversee the operations of the 25 plus NCS operating companies with a specific focus on developing long term business strategy.  In October, 2006, NCS appointed Art to launch SAVA, LLC – a security services company within NANA’s Qivliq family of companies, providing security services to Federal and commercial customers.

Art left SAVA in July, 2010, and entered the consulting business, working with Seneca Technology Group. In November, 2012, he returned to the government contracting arena and is the current Director of Corporate Security at Booz Allen Hamilton.

Art’s awards include the National Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal, the National Reconnaissance Office Gold Medal, the Department of Defense Superior Service Medal (twice) plus various other active duty individual and unit awards, including combat decorations.