William Richardson

Bill Richardson is the Director of Analysis for Thomson Reuters Special Services, LLC (TRSS), a U.S. subsidiary of Thomson Reuters. Among other priorities, Mr. Richardson focuses on insider threat countermeasures and the delivery of critical analytic insights to TRSS’ customers. Prior to joining TRSS, Mr. Richardson served for 32 years in various analytic and leadership assignments with the Central Intelligence Agency. As a member of the Senior Intelligence Service, he presented daily intelligence briefings to President Barack Obama and his national security team. Mr. Richardson also served as the Intelligence Community leader on South Asia, reporting directly to the Director of National Intelligence as his senior advisor on the subcontinent. Mr. Richardson was also selected to be one of the leaders of the new Office of South Asia Analysis in response to the growing criticality of the region to U.S. policy makers.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Richardson served as an intelligence briefer to Vice President Al Gore and led the team assessing global territorial conflicts, providing direct policy support related to the Middle East Peace Process. He also spent ten years as an arms control analyst assessing Soviet strategic nuclear force structure and operations. This experience led to two tours as an intelligence advisor to U.S. arms control delegations and a co-drafter of two National Intelligence Estimates on the United States’ ability to monitor Soviet compliance with the INF and START treaties.

Mr. Richardson earned Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees in Geography and Environmental Planning from Towson University in Baltimore where he also serves as adjunct faculty. He and his family live in Great Falls, Virginia.