Data You Need For Critical Decisions

Thomson Reuters Special Services, LLC delivers a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to help professionals achieve mission objectives, address uncertainty, and identify and manage risk. We leverage Thomson Reuters’ market-leading solutions to help our clients perform intelligence collection and analysis, cybersecurity, threat finance, insider threat, and risk management, providing you:

  • Global data and content
  • Highly-configurable software
  • World-class professional services
  • Subject matter expertise

With Thomson Reuters Special Services, your organization can:

  • Drive efficiency and productivity
  • Manage and mitigate operational and enterprise risk while reducing cost
  • Provide answers that guide you through the data landscape
  • Protect assets
  • Understand geopolitical risk
  • Find hidden connections

In-house expertise:

  • Research is conducted by trained and experienced in-house intelligence analysts supported by sophisticated workflow automation and advanced research tools.
  • Specialized research units include Cyber, Threat Finance, Terrorism, Social Media, Insider Threat, Emerging Technology, and Transnational Crime threats.

Utilizing proprietary integrated services, open source information, and Thomson Reuters’ products, TRSS provides access to billions of public, open source, and proprietary records. Combined with our analytical expertise and coupled with innovative technology, TRSS delivers critical, actionable information and decision support tools to our customers.