Podcast - Wait, What?

Wait, What? takes an irreverent and entertaining look at technology and its impact on our lives. The podcasts are hosted by Matt Angelicola (@MattAngelicola), TRSS Government Research Analyst; Joe Harris (@Jwh37), TRSS Government Research Analyst; Rob Russell (@batogato), Senior Director in the Thomson Reuters Government Segment; and Jason Thomas (@jasonthomas), TRSS Manager of Innovation. It’s produced by me (@soozymartin). All of our legal podcasts can be found on iTunes– just enter “Legal Current” in the search box.

We’d like to keep the show as interactive as possible, so PLEASE send us your feedback, thoughts, and show ideas to legal.current@thomsonreuters.com. Drop us a message if you have ideas for future topics or any feedback on the show.

Title Date
Episode 9: Grandma’s Going to be a “Pig Woman”In this episode of “Wait, What?” the guys discuss the impact technology has on medicine and medical procedures. Jason starts off the talk by discussing his grandmother’s heart surgery, using a pig valve. This sparks a discussion about the advent of drones as first responders and whether or not it is actually feasible. The guys then talk about their comfort level with a robot or artificial intelligence diagnosing a disease or performing a surgery versus interaction with a human doctor. A couple of other interesting technologies discussed include: Glucose sensing contact lenses for diabetics and wireless insulin pens.

The show is still going to attend Awesome Con in Washington, D.C. at the end of May and we’re hoping to wrangle some of our favorite celebrities for interviews. Our next show will air on June 5. We’d LOVE for our audience to drive what we talk about on our next episode, so feel free to reach out to us with some ideas!

May 22, 2015
Episode 8: Ever Hit Someone in the Head with a Hammer?In the eighth episode of “Wait, What?”, the show delves into the unintended consequences of technology. Jason starts off with an example of the dual uses of an everyday hammer. The guys start talking about the misuse of things like the Tor – which are intended for good, but are used for nefarious things as well. Another unintended consequence of technological progress is the jack-hammering in the background of the podcast (if you’re listening at home, take a shot every time Jason brings this up during the podcast). The guys then attempt to answer the question of whether or not we (as creators of technology) have an obligation to think about the unintended uses of it. Jason, Matt and Joe each point out that children’s chemistry sets used to contain radioactive materials and poisons that otherwise intelligent adults didn’t think were bad for kids. Are we ethically influenced to use technology? Should we place moral governors on information? Let us know what you think!

The show is attending Awesome Con in Washington, D.C. at the end of May and the guys are hoping to wrangle some of their favorite celebrities for interviews. The next show will air on May 21, where the discussion will focus on the rapid advances in medical technology.

May 8, 2015
Episode 7: I Love Watching Train WrecksThis episode starts out with the show’s reaction and discussion of the latest movie trailer for the Star Wars – The Force Awakens. For the non-nerds in our listening audience, you can fast forward a couple minutes to get to the meat of the podcast. The guys jump into a discussion about a non-government related collection of Personally Identifying Information (PII) and how that differs from government sanctioned collection of data, and where it differs (if it does at all). The guys also discuss “opting-in” to PII collection (“Little Brother“) versus the Orwellian version of Big Brother and how our choices affect this (or if we even have a choice anymore).

The discussion then evolves into a productive debate – with typical Wait, What? humor – over the importance, need for, and ramifications of collecting a person’s data. This rolls nicely into a discussion about the apparent acceptance of video/audio surveillance in modern society and how people seem to simply to not care that they are being recorded.

The show is very pleased to announce that we will be attending Awesome Con in Washington, D.C. at the end of May. We hope to get some on-the-spot interviews with some celebrities and other attendees. Our next show will air on May 8, when we discuss the unintended consequences of technology.

April 30, 2015
Episode 6: Remember those pictures you took? Well, mom just found them.This episode starts off with a question regarding whether or not any of the guys have any embarrassing photos on the internet. This quickly leads into a conversation about the “Right To Be Forgotten” and whether or not people have a fundamental right to have their mistakes removed (or at least suppressed) from the internet. The guys talk about the expectation of privacy in personal life versus what someone should expect to have happen to them in a public setting; they also talk about whether or not it is disingenuous for a company or hotel to suppress negative reviews from search engines. The conversation evolves into a discussion of ownership of one’s face, when consent is not given by one or more parties and the desperate need for the guys to find a lawyer to answer these questions for them.

On a very exciting note, going forward, the show will be recorded in a Reuters/TIMA studio for audio recording and VIDEO production! This is a great step forward for the show and the guys are looking forward to not carrying microphones around in backpacks to random conference rooms.

Tune into the next show (April 24) when we hope to have our first guest.

April 10, 2015
Episode 5: I was Going to Go Out, but I Got LazyIn this installment of “Wait, What?” your hosts tackle the question of whether technology makes us lazy or not. They cover everything from grocery delivery services to texting at the dinner table. Jason, Rob and Matt spend quite a bit of time in this episode discussing whether people are productive when they work from home and the effects that “work” phones and tablets have on work/life balance. The talk evolves (or maybe devolves) into a discussion of the person who “invented” the wheel and how that may have affected life at home.

Tune into the next show (April 10, 2015) when we cover the “right to be forgotten” in cyberspace and what role this may play going forward.

Also, stick around after the music for yet (another) embarrassing story that Matt shares.

March 27, 2015
Episode 4: Hey! I think I saw that in a movie…In the fourth installment of Wait, What? the guys discuss the Science Fact that has come from the Science Fiction of Star Trek, Star Wars, Total Recall, comics, and other media. The show starts with a comparison of the devices that were used in the Star Trek universe of television and movies, and how we’re seeing many of those ideas and concepts come to fruition. The guys then get into the concept of 3-D printing and Synthetic Biology. The discussion then shifts to Jason and Joe announcing that they’ve created the “Inertia-jet” (patent pending), that will revolutionize travel, and what it must feel like to be the first person/people to test a potentially dangerous piece of technology.

The guys spend much of the second half of the show in a “lightning round” discussing different Sci-Fi influencers to include Star Wars, James Bond, Disney, and comic books. Most importantly they discuss if we currently are at a stagnation point in technological improvements to our lives. This spawns a great discussion about time travel!

As always, stick around after the music at the end of the show for something extra.

March 12, 2015
Episode 3: You Gotta Have Heart, Even if You Can’t Measure ItIn the third installment of Wait, What? the guys jump right into the topic of technology’s impact on sports and athletes. The conversation starts out with quantifying professional and amateur athletes and quickly transitions into “heart” versus analytics. The discussion moves into the topic of the stadium experience associated with professional sports teams and how the events compete with television, video game consoles, and mobile technology. February 27, 2015
Episode 2: Welcoming Our Robot OverlordsIn the latest episode of Wait, What?, we focus on the use of drone technology and artificial intelligence. In the first part of the show, the guys mull over the different uses of drones, briefly discussing the commercial uses of drone technology and what the benefits and drawbacks are of this technology. The discussion also touches on the privacy implications of drone deliveries and drone use overall. The second part of the show delves into artificial intelligence and the fears around the potential implications associated with the emergence of progressively “smarter” computers. February 13, 2015
Episode 1: Social Media is the Real WorldThe inaugural episode of our new podcast Wait, What? focuses on several aspects of technology’s impact on our day-to-day lives. The first part of the show discusses the use of social media, the “personas” that people create for themselves on social media, and then poses the question of whether or not social media is an agent of change. The second part of the show delves into internet activism, online movements, and why these individuals or movements sometimes take a turn towards the criminal. The show wraps up with a humorous vignette on just how much technology has changed from, ”Can I borrow a cup of sugar?” into, “Can I use your WiFi?” February 3, 2015