Corporate culture can be a tricky subject. “Culture” is sometimes a form of groupthink or, at worst, a way to exclude people with different backgrounds or mindsets. That’s not how we handle culture. For us, culture describes the values and principles that define how we work.

While we’re proud of the culture we’ve built—we’re one of the Washington area’s Top Workplaces for a reason—we also acknowledge that culture can change, and every employee has a role in the way it evolves. Every year we hold a company-wide workshop to talk about what exactly defines our culture and how it steers our company direction.

So what do we mean when we talk about our culture? You’ll notice it when you come to work with us. Some employees and even clients have told us they felt it as soon as they came through the door.

Autonomy. We value the autonomy and the good judgment of everyone we hire. When you join us at TRSS, you’ll have the freedom to accomplish your work as you see fit, including regular telework days and flexible work schedule options. You can deliver for your customers and the company – we’ll take care of the rest.

Ask your hiring manager about specific accommodations available to you in your role. You may find that a better work-life balance is easier than you thought.

We encourage everyone in the company to pursue their passions and will help channel those passions into meaningful career achievements. Employees are encouraged to develop their own research projects with the support of colleagues. Many of these projects become proofs of concept for new business opportunities. No matter your role, you’ll learn about how work is done across the company. We also support exploring new positions throughout the company. If you’re an analyst with the skills to serve as a data scientist, we can help you get there. We have programs to pay for certifications and formal education and offer individual development programs for building your professional competencies. We are invested in your long-term career success, even if it’s not with us.

Accountability. Autonomy and accountability go hand-in-hand. You have the freedom to try new things at TRSS – and that includes the freedom to fail, too. Failing is a necessary part of meaningful innovation. What matters is understanding how and why it happened and using that knowledge to move forward. We expect everyone to think critically and carefully when evaluating their work, just as they would while doing the work itself.

You can see our commitment to accountability in the many opportunities we provide to make your voice heard. We are a feedback-oriented organization.From quarterly engagement surveys, department all-hands, and executive Q&As, there’s no shortage of ways to sound off, and we pride ourselves on using that input to make TRSS a better environment for everyone.

Community. Whether you’re looking for a sounding board for new ideas, or just a regular coffee buddy, you’ll find colleagues to support you here at TRSS. Our small company roots and casual work environment foster strong bonds.

The McLean headquarters caters lunch every other Friday, a great event to meet and socialize with colleagues you might not have chatted with before. Employees at TRSS regularly set up social outings and advertise group events, like concerts and sports games. Some have even been roommates. And if you prefer to keep to yourself with a desk lunch, you’ll be comfortable. Our office spaces are built to accommodate introverts and extroverts alike, with a carefully designed mix of communal spaces and quiet areas.

“Community” means more than just TRSS staff and their families. We believe in being good neighbors. At TRSS, every employee receives sixteen hours per year for volunteer service, and has access to $1000 in donation matching per year for all donations of at least $50. Visit this page to learn more about our volunteering activities.