For more than a decade, the US government has trusted TRSS to provide the best in data, technology, and people for critical missions. TRSS has contracts spanning federal and state law enforcement, the U.S. defense and intelligence communities, and other agencies with a security nexus. We built our brand by providing the best in big data with subject matter expertise and unmatched analysis capabilities. Let us be a force multiplier that makes your investigative and intelligence work more efficient, relevant, and timely.

TRSS can help you:

  • Analyze suppliers and deconstruct supply chains to assess exposure
  • Protect VIPs and other key personnel and locations
  • Uncover foreign influence in sensitive and vulnerable environments
  • Support action-based missions with time-sensitive data and solutions
  • Counter threats posed by domestic and international terrorist organizations
  • Monitor the intellectual property landscape to pinpoint potential threats and loss
  • Combat money laundering and illicit finance activities

Many of our professionals come directly from the organizations we serve, with decades of experience in intelligence, national security, and law enforcement roles. Our backgrounds give us special insight into the unique challenges facing our customers. We know how to be the most effective partner for you, whether it’s integrating our tools and technology directly into your workflows or providing reports from dedicated analysts.