TRSS International (TRSSI)

TRSS provides risk intelligence and related services to global clients through TRSS International Limited (TRSSI), a London-based wholly-owned subsidiary of Thomson Reuters Special Services LLC.

TRSSI analysts apply proprietary data platforms and advanced open source search methodologies to deliver actionable, data-driven intelligence solutions to meet our clients’ diverse mission needs. Our unique business model positions our analysts to deliver meaningful risk insights from a wide variety of proprietary, third-party, and open sources that cover business intelligence, regulatory insights, trade data, and intellectual property, among others—all backed by technology integration, data science, and technology development.

We approach every relationship as an opportunity for collaboration. Our teams work with clients to deliver comprehensive research, analysis, and reporting to help them solve their most critical problems.  All engagements are supported by a culture of innovation that draws on lessons learned from an established and proven track record working side-by-side with government agencies and commercial clients, and derive benefit from long-standing partnerships with Thomson Reuters.